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An Architectural Vision


Your business uses countless applications in a given day. At F5, we built a reputation as an industry leader by helping organizations deliver the most secure, fast, and reliable applications to anyone anywhere at any time. Our pioneering focus on application services gives us a unique advantage in designing the solutions that drive business forward.


F5 Synthesis isn’t built on new products and features. It’s built on comprehensive solutions. We took a big-picture look at the trends affecting businesses today—from security to mobility to performance and beyond—and designed architectures that pull together specific device, network and application scenarios to help you better identify and understand which solutions meet your network needs.

Manny Rivelo, EVP of Strategic Solutions:How F5 Synthesis responds to evolving market demands.

Karl Triebes, CTO and EVP of Product Development:The value of F5 Synthesis to businesses worldwide.

SDAS: Software-Defined Application Services

For the life of your applications

A fabric-based model, SDAS allows application delivery to evolve in alignment with new innovations and user demands.

Unified Fabric

The SDAS fabric provides a foundation for building elastic application services. F5 ScaleN technology enables on-demand application and operational scalability at the platform layer. This means the fabric can be deployed on a combination of hardware, software, and virtual form factors—as well as beyond the data center boundary into cloud computing environments.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Because F5 application services share a common control plane—the F5 platform—we’ve simplified the process of deploying and optimizing application delivery services. With the elastic power of SDAS, you can rapidly provision application services across the data center and into cloud computing environments, reducing the time and costs associated with deploying new applications and architectures.

Simplified Licensing

We re-examined our licensing models, and merged them to be simpler and more flexible to meet your needs. This modified approach makes it easier to adopt advanced functionality, consolidate into fewer common configurations, and pay less per module.

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